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Straps Sale

used straps all in perfect condition

Special straps available

This is a selection of my personal straps, all slightly used. Suitable for 24mm lug watches like Panerai 44mm models.
Adeeos 140/80 24mm ammo strap. Like new!
Adeeos Straps by Kevin Rogers are the first and original ammo straps made of ammunition pouches. Mr. Kevin Rogers invented the ammo strap in 2006, the others followed but have never been able to get at his level. Adeeos straps are made according to the vintage style used in the 1950's and are of a fantastic finish. This strap is stamped and signed by Kevin Rogers

Material: Gustav ammo pouch leather
Color: light brown
Length: 140/80
Width: 24mm
Buckle: Included, sewn-in steel buckle made by Kevin Rogers
  • Adeeos ammo strap
  • Adeeos ammo strap
  • Adeeos ammo strap

Adeeos straps

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My available straps

Di Stefano strap

Di Stefano strap

Di Stefano DS143 leather strap


My Promise

All straps are "as is", all part of my personal collection and are in an excellent condition, all bought for a 44mm Panerai with 24mm lugs. The straps offered are all single available straps. Once the are gone, they are gone.

All with registered post incl. T &T

To give you and me comfort, I ship all the straps with registered post including Track & Trace. If you would like your order to be send with a faster courier service, please contact me and I will make you an offer.


You will not find straps for sale for commercial purposes. If you need advise on a strap you are looking for, I am happy to share my opinion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.