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Welcome to Paneristi India

Panerai is more than a watch brand, especially the Panerai watch owners called "Paneristi" all make the difference.

In India the brand Panerai is not that popular yet in the luxury watch market, this will slowly change.

Here you can find Panerai watch reviews & strap reviews of straps made for Panerai watches by various strap makers from around the world, strapmaker profiles and Paneristi reports.

Update August 2017

I have been publishing strap reviews for more than a year now and I do get more & more requests from strap makers to have a look at their work, this is of course tempting but it can change the way this website is perceived. I recently decided to accept offers from serious strap makers only as I cannot possible buy all the straps that are available and it can open my eyes and experience work of artists I have not heard of before or their work never seen.

The www.paneristi.com forum started to have a problem with my announcements of my personal straps review and I no longer announce them on that forum. In my reviews I always include a link to strap makers simply to make it easy for reader to find the way to the source and as we live in the 21st century there are no online secrets anymore. Unfortunately the forum wants to prevent "shilling" and according to the rules of the forum sharing links or sharing webpages that contains links to a commercial website is not allowed and I respect that.

Now that I stopped sharing my experiences of straps on content of my website on the paneristi.com forum, I am free to accept the offers of serious strap makers who like to share their passion and work.

The personal straps that are reviewed are called "Personal Strap review", the sponsored strap reviews are called "Strap Review".

The sponsored strap reviews are made with the same passion as my personal reviews and with this I do hope I can help you with finding your straps that suit you and your watch collection.

Keep coming back to this page, new material will be added on a frequent basis!
The straps and watches shown on this website are my personal or friends' straps and watches unless mentioned otherwise. I am not affiliated and/or officially endorsed by Officine Panerai, Richemont Group SA
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